Who We Are

This image is a symbol showing 2 art depicted faces coming together, and separated by a single line that defines each of the 2 faces differently. Each face has a large eye, slightly slanted with the top towards the center. There are no other features except the single line that forms the forehead, nose, lip and chin for each face. The left face resembles a female with a softer forehead and smaller nose. The right face resembles a male. Their meaning is to characterize the merging or coming together of the races in mutual harmony.

This is not an organization or club. You’re not making a pledge or promise. But, when you wear or display this symbol you’re letting other people know that you have a heavy heart for the weak and powerless.

A hope that someday we will all live in peace and free from harm.

The main purpose of UniteEarth™ is to bring attention to what we humans have in common and at the same time attempt to trivialize the things that tend to divide us. The reason we want to do this is to develop a group of “like-minded” people that could possibly have the power to actually bring us all closer together.

At the beginning of our discourse we thought it would be best to make our mission as general as possible. After all, the less we disagree, the more likely we are to get along and actually make a difference or maybe even change the world. The problem though is that there is so much that divides us that it’s almost impossible to think that we can agree on anything.

It sounds so simple when you first consider making friends with someone that you may have some obvious differences with, but in reality humans have for their entire existence found ways to treat other humans in more cruel, deplorable and “inhumane” ways than any other species on this planet.

Aside from obvious physical differences such as sex and race, most likely our greatest divide is culture and religion. Add to these; sexual preference, language, politics, physical borders, eye and hair color, and even your wealth, poverty or nobility status and it’s a wonder we have lasted as long as we have.

So where do we begin? How can we possibly create a discourse with so much adversity? Let’s be honest! A lot of people will not be a part of this discussion because they want to keep us divided. These forces have been working to keep us separated for thousands of years and will continue to build these walls regardless of what happens. Peace is a dream that has been hoped for, but in reality there are far too many people that thrive on war and death to ever make peace a reality.

But, maybe, united, we can make a difference.