10 to the Power of 10

I am really getting sick and tired of the mess mankind has created for itself. For thousands of years societies and governments have been established, grown, flourished, died and then begun the process again. And, not once in all the history of mankind has there been a totally free society; controlled or run by an honest, trustworthy, “responsible to the people” form of government.

There I’ve said it. America, my country is not free! Our democracy is not a free society for all. We are controlled by “power and money” at all levels of government, and they are controlled by special interest groups (big companies and groups that wield the money and power). For thousands of years there wasn’t much you could do. That’s why people were always looking for freedom by breaking out to new land and forming their own societies. But, we can’t do that anymore. There’s nowhere to hide. If there is even a small chance of peace and freedom in this world, it’s through COMMUNICATION, not “ISOLATION”. The Internet may one day be our downfall, and if it is that will be a sad state for the human race. But, the Internet in my opinion has created, for the first time since the first society of humans on Earth, an avenue to once again speak to everyone. Imagine that! Since the beginning of human life on this planet there has never been a tool that would allow people to communicate with each other without the interference of leaders, kings or governments.

It must be evident to most of us that these leaders, kings and governments have not spoken for us at all. It’s only human nature. As people become leaders they speak more for themselves and less for the people they serve. Well, maybe there is a way we can take back that power.

The first 10 Members form the “Yellow Group”. This group is the top group or the “Governing Group” and is also the only group of the “Yellow Level” of government. They make all final decisions for the entire government. Purple Level is the second level of government. Each “Group of 10” that is formed will appoint one (1) member to represent them at the meetings of Yellow Group. As each group of 10 forms, the “Yellow 10” will swell to 19 members until there are a total of 9 Purple Groups; Yellow Group will then become the 10th Purple Group and then the “Yellow 10” will appoint a leader and will remain with Yellow becoming 10 members again. This same process continues as each Color Level is formed and then completed.

This is a true “people government” that is totally controlled by members on the bottom level of government. In the beginning or at least for the first 4 levels there won’t be a lot accomplished. It will only be an idea or at the most a sort of town meeting. What are the rules, the goals and the obstacles? But, as the “Groups of 10” fill out into the Lime Level this government will begin to wield a power of its own. The POWER of 10.