Brand Your Company

This image is a symbol showing 2 art depicted faces (opposite faces) coming together, and separated by a single line that defines each of the 2 faces differently. Each face has a large eye, slightly slanted with the top towards the center. There are no other features except the single line that forms the forehead, nose, lip and chin for each face. The left face resembles a female with a softer forehead and smaller nose. The right face resembles a male. Their meaning is to characterize the merging or coming together of the races in mutual harmony. The words around the circle say: "Save the Planet, Protect Everyone,"
Insert our symbol into your company marketing and assert that you adhere to just 3 principles.

  1. Do what you can to preserve our planet and save it for future generations.
  2. Promise to protect your neighbor regardless of their differences.
  3. Do your best to promote the abolition of ignorance.